Apple VS Facebook - The WAR

Apple VS Facebook - The WAR

Apple and Facebook War. Why Apple is behind Facebook. Click and Check Now. (2 Minutes Read)

Written By: Naman Raj Singh
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How this started ?

Apple said in its last Annual Developers Conference that they are going to introduce a feature in iOS that required users to give apps permission to track them across various apps and websites.
Soon after that Apple launched this feature in iOS 14 where user can check the data and information which is being tracked by various Apps.
Apple believes that Privacy of an User is the top most priority. According to Apple a company cannot generate its revenue on a business model which sells the data of an user and show them personalised ads.
Facebook does that......

Facebook Business ModelFacebook runs on a simple business model and that is by showing you a personalised ads. By the way they are soon going to bring ads on Instagram Reels too. :)

Recently Apple tracked down the information which Facebook takes from their user from their various products like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. And they were - (Purchases, Health Fitness, Financial Info, Location, Contacts and Info, Content, Search History, Sensitive Info and Many More...)

After this Facebook is continuously running campaigns that Apple wants to kill them. Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that "Apple may say that they're doing this to help people, but the moves clearly track their competitive interests." Also Facebook is claiming that Apple wants to promote their Messaging App called iMessage in order to compete with WhatsApp.

Without any doubt this is 100% true that Facebook not at all care about their user data and privacy. There are many cases when Facebook is convicted for misusing their users data.
Recently WhatsApp introduced their new privacy policy in which they are clearly saying that they will share Users WhatsApp data with their parent company Facebook in order to show better personalised adds. In Indian language, simply Facebook is saying that " ABSE CHORI BATAKAR KARENGE " after Apple showed their real face to the world.

What you guys think ? Is Apple Right or Facebook ?

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