How to start with Web Development

How to start with Web Development

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How to start with Web Development and become a Professional Web Developer. 

A Web Developer is basically a person which develops Web Applications. There are three types of Web Developers - Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and Full Stack Developer.

A Frontend Developer is one which works on Frontend part of any website. Frontend is basically the design and user experience of any Web Application. From designing the User Interface to give a smooth flow on the frontend of any website is major work of any Frontend Developer.

A Backend Developer is one which works on the Backend part of any website. Backend part is basically the functionality or engine of any website. Giving proper function and movement by writing proper logic is a role of Backend Developer. Example, Let us consider an E-Commerce Website. There you select and add all the required items you need. So from addition of items in cart to perform calculations of total bill generated to final check out is being done with the help of Backend Part.

A Fullstack Developer is one which works on both Frontend and Backend Segment. From designing the web page, adding colours and effects to performing the calculations, adding functions and managing databases is being done by Fullstack Developer.

Database -  Database is basically the collection of data or information of any web application. For example, if any website collects Phone Number, Email ID's or anything, that information is stored in Database.


So to become a Frontend Developer, you need to learn following technical languages and they are - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - HTML basically builds the structure of a Website.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) - CSS basically gives you the perfect look like colours, alignment etc.

JavaScript - JS adds functionality like Animations, Effects etc. Also apart from JS, you need to learn its frameworks like React, Angular etc. (Not Compulsary)


For Backend Developer, you need to learn technology like - PHP, Node (Javascript Framework), Django (Framework of Python) etc.

To start in backend you can begin with PHP as maximum servers and their providers provide hosting at a very afforable price. Plus the environment setup of PHP is quite easy compared to other technologies. There are many frameworks of PHP like CodeIgnitor, Laravel etc. 

Apart from this you need to know about Databases where you can store and handle data accordingly. Initially you can start with SQL Database and can explore MySQL. (A separate post on Database will be posted soon)


For Fullstack Developer, you can follow above steps separately but apart from this you can also consider technologies like MEAN Stack or MERN Stack.

MEAN - MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node / MERN - MongoDB, Express, React, Node


Hope you like this post on how to become a Web Developer. Thank You for your Time and Support.

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