Why TITANIC is still not recovered ?

Why TITANIC is still not recovered ?

Why TITANIC is still under Atlantic Ocean ? Click to Know (5 Mins Read)

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RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 at 2:20 AM after striking an iceberg (Still a Conspiracy) in Atlantic Ocean. She was on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England (Left on  April 10, 1912) to New York, United States. More than 1500 passengers lost their lives in that incident. Many of us still ask a question that "Why TITANIC is not being taken out from the Atlantic Ocean ?"

RMS Titanic sank 600 KM from the Newfoundland, Canada in Atlantic Ocean. She is around 13000 feet (4 KM) deep from the surface of earth. Also ship snapped in two different pieces due to which there is around 2000 feet difference between them. It was discovered in summers of 1985 for the first time after 73 years by Robert Ballard (American NAVY Officer). After deep research and investigations, Robert declared that it is impossible to recover TITIANIC.

After TITANIC was discovered, Researchers proposed few theories to recover TITANIC.

Crazy Right... Researchers proposed a PING PONG BALL theory. According to which, they wanted to induct huge amount of PING PONG Balls on TITANIC which would eventually loosen the TITANIC hold from ocean floor and with the help of strong magnets and submarine, TITANIC will be recovered. But this theory failed. As these PING PONG Balls would Blast after going deep in Ocean due to high pressure.

Second theory stated that the millions of Balloons filled with Helium Gas will be tied on TITANIC. And these Balloons will force TITANIC to rise up. But this theory also failed as filling Helium Gas in Balloon in deep ocean was quite next to impossible task.

Another theory was proposed in which Researchers and American Engineer John Pierre stated that if we convert surrounding water region of TITANIC into ICE, then it will bring TITANIC on the surface of ocean. And this idea was completely practical. John said, this theory will require Huge Amount of Liquid Nitrogen. But according to many big companies, this mission would need around 5 Lac Tons of Liquid Nitrogen. At last this idea also got rejected as it was impossible to take this much amount of Liquid Nitrogen deep near TITANIC.

A ship building company proposed the theory in which they said, first we need to clean the TITANIC with the help of powerful Vacuum Cleaner. After that TITANIC wreckage would be tied with strong IRON WIRES and it will be pulled with the help of powerful submarines and ships. But all these process would require 20 Million KW electricty. Few proposed the theory of Floating Power Plant also which would generate this much amount of electricty. Many big companies tried to attempt this procedure but they failed as this process was highly expensive.
Apart from this family members of 1500 people who lost their lives on TITANIC opposed the recovery of TITANIC as they believe its the Resting Piece of Souls for them inside the ocean and outer world should stay away from this.

Lastly, Researchers declared that now its impossible to take TITANIC out from ATLANTIC Ocean. Also Scientists have claimed that few unkown bacteria species is eating TITANIC's body inside the ocean. According to them, TITANIC will completely disappear by 2100.

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